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See below one of the many positive comments in regards to your training. We will be informing all Ambulance Services in Ontario through AMEMSO (Association of Municipal Emergency Service Operators of Ontario) of the excellent training you are providing for our staff.

Once the training has been completed I would like to speak with you in regards to what the next steps and content may be for further training.

DW - Operations Manager

I just wanted to take a moment to comment on the training that we received from Terry Oliver re: Violence prevention. I found this training to be one of the most beneficial to date. After five years of work in the core, I have encountered many potentially unsafe situations. I found that Terry gave a lot of insight into potential problems as well as valuable skills in dealing with these situations.

Both the communication methods and the physical skills taught were a huge asset. I believe that this is necessary training that should be repeated annually. I hope that we may have the opportunity to continue this training in the future.

To whom it may concern:

As a result of _______ Workplace Violence Assessments that were conducted prior to the implementation of Bill 168 it was deemed necessary for our service to be proactive in providing our frontline staff with the training, skills and strategies required to prevent an act of violence from happening against them.

We enlisted Terry Oliver at Conflict Management Associates to implement such training to our staff to have enhanced awareness and recognition of how violence can occur and the tools they require to mitigate such incidents from escalating. We implemented this program within our entire organization and we continue to have Terry train our newly hired staff.

Terry provided training in several areas which included communication skills, body language and personal protection skills as well as how to evade a violent situation and maneuvers that could be done in the event staff are unable to escape violence. These skills have proven to be both effective and invaluable to our staff. Terry tailored the training to provide our staff with real life examples pertinent to the profession of the emergency worker. His experience as a police officer and training instructor gave him credibility with our emergency workers. Terry’s messages, training and strategies were well received and much appreciated by all of our staff as evidenced through the feedback we received from the frontline staff’s training evaluations.

As representatives of the Training Department and Health and Safety for _____ we are confident that the practical training and education delivered by Terry has put our frontline staff in a safer and more strategic position when dealing with potential violence and actual violence in the workplace.

We feel strongly that this program protects both the frontline staff and the organization from injury and liability and we recommend Terry’s company to other Emergency Services looking to provide their staff with enhanced Workplace Violence Prevention training.

K L and HK
Superintendents of Training
CT – Health and Safety Coordinator

Just wanted to again thank you and your assistant instructor for a fantastic presentation and interactive workshop on the morning of our Staff Retreat. It was a unanimous success! Feedback from the 55 in attendance, received either verbally, by e-mail, or in the evaluation forms from the retreat, was the most positive we have had in the 5 years we have been having this Annual Support Staff Retreat.

Some of the comments from the evaluation forms were.....it was very interactive, great!.....getting up and moving rather than sitting and listening, wonderful!.....loved taking such an active part.....personal safety techniques, very empowering and self-fulfilling.....great topic as it affects our everyday life.....fantastic, useful and entertaining.....great hands-on interactive session, more likely to remember the skills than if they were just demonstrated to us.....got us going, very entertaining, good physical activity.....lots of fun! Made me feel better physically and mentally!

Yours Sincerely,
LP, Administrative Assistant
Education Services, _______ University

Dear Mr. Oliver,

Please accept this letter as acknowledgement of our thanks for the training you have provided to our staff.

Your ability to tailor a program to the unique needs of Bylaw Enforcement Officers was most impressive. Due to the nature of the coverage required and the exigencies of the shift scheduling Mr. Oliver delivered this course in three different municipalities successfully training Bylaw Officers from five different municipal detachments. Mr. Oliver’s recognition of the challenges faced on the street gained him great respect from our staff resulted in a high standard being achieved. The Bylaw Enforcement Officers’ duties which are already difficult on a day to day basis become more difficult when faced with anger and animosity from disgruntled offenders. This Workplace Violence Prevention training gave these officers the necessary skills, confidence and understanding of the dynamics of interaction with the public in threatening situations.

As a tool to recognize, defuse and disengage from potentially dangerous situations it is invaluable.

We were very pleased with the level of preparation, knowledge and flexibility offered by your company and would recommend this training to any employers concerned about their staff’s ability to safely interact with the public in potentially dangerous situations.

Best regards,
Director of Operations

Conflict Management Associates training has provided us with an excellent service that was tailored to the needs of Animal Services. They have succeeded in creating a training course that is specific and relevant to the particular needs of our organization.

The trainers facilitate in a way that allows attendees to interact, while learning skills and knowledge which can be applied to their individual roles.

_______ Animal Control Services

Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to learn to defend ourselves. I can't begin to tell you how empowered I feel today. You are a great speaker and you definitely made the course interesting to say the least.

Senior Business Manager
Strategic Accounts

I have sent many of the e-mails that I received about your course to our management team to let them see what a positive impact this has had on our own employees and how much they enjoyed the course. I have heard only very positive things about you and your team. It was definitely a "Job Well Done!!." Thank you!!!

Director of Security

I attended the Home Visit Training for my organization. Terry Oliver from Conflict Management Associates presented in the afternoon. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the presentation. Terry was motivating and provided some very useful techniques that are useful both at work and in everyday life.

I would highly recommend Terry's training to my co workers if his course is offered again through the City.

Thank you
Community Services

The _______ Airport Security team had the pleasure of having Mr. Terry Oliver train all of our Security Officers. Mr. Oliver was very understanding and keen in listening to our needs, and developed a specific course for our team. The course was very informative and beneficial! The Security team felt very comfortable and welcomed by Mr. Oliver and his instructors.

In reviewing the training internally after the course all of the security team members echoed the feeling of improved confidence and knowledge when responding to a call, which is paramount in our duties.

We feel that we have a new partner in Conflict Management Associates and will be definitely be taking part in a yearly refresher course for our team. I would recommend this training not only for work related duties, but also for personal protection and self-confidence.

Security Operations Manager

The Violence in the Workplace Prevention Workshop that you developed to suit the specific needs of our municipal enforcement officers and inspectors was excellent. All staff that attended the training rated the workshop good to excellent and some staff that had received similar training in the past indicated that your session was the best by far.

City of _______.


Just wanted to drop you a quick line and say thank you for an excellent two day course here in _______. People are still talking about it wishing it had been longer! I have been working with the City for the past 8.5 years now and your course was by far the best we have had.

Also, I am forwarding your website information to our Conference chair for the Municipal Law Enforcement Officers Association (MLEOA) conference.

Thanks again for a great course!

Municipal Law Enforcement Officer


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